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Keeping your Family and Guns Safe - 7 Great Gun Storage Options

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When starting a family, gun owners should ask themselves the this question: How do I keep my family  and guns safe? Simply placing your guns openly in the closet, under the bed, in your night stand drawer or by the back door is irresponsible as a gun owner. There is not one single product that would satisfy the need of every gun owner, which is why when looking for a gun storage option you need to factor in your specific needs. 

If you are most concerned with protecting your firearm from theft or damage, a metal safe is the best and common option. These safes can get very expensive and are quite heavy. Many people opt for a metal gun security product due to its much lower cost and increased flexibility in the event you move to another home or apartment. All of our metal gun safes and metal gun security cabinets come with pre drilled holes and hardware for permanently securing your item to either a wall or floor. 

Many people purchase a firearm with home defense and personal security as their primary need. In this instance, quick access is the key. Most of our gun concealment items look like everyday furniture items and fit nicely into your main family room or bedroom. These rooms are the most likely places you would be in the event of trouble. While these products are a bit easier for a thief to break into, they offer the element of disguise. Burglars will many times carry out or break into a safe while walking right past one of our concealment items. 

Another way to store your firearm would be one of our attractive wood display cabinets. This is the traditional solution given the right circumstances and allows you proudly display your collection. Please note that all of our display cabinets are locking and feature tempered glass doors.

We've outlined 7 great gun storage options for different types of gun owners and why we think they are great.

1.  Tuff Stor Model HS250 Digital Safe with LCD Display

Although the smallest option, it is perfect for someone looking to store a pistol and other small valuables. Its 3-8 digit code keeps its contents safe and secure and in the event of tampering, a siren will alarm to deter any unwanted users. If you find yourself in an emergency, there are two override keys that can be used to open the safe. This is a great option for a gun owner that wants to keep it safe and away.

2.  Tuff Stor Model 920 10 Gun Metal Security Cabinet

If you're looking to store more guns and rifles this is a great option for you. The Tuff Stor Model 920 holds up to 10 long guns at the same time. It's key lock keeps the guns and ammo locked safely away while the safe keeps your guns protected with it's rubber barrel and butt rests. This item ships fully assembled so you can go from storing your guns behind the back door to storing them in your gun cabinet in no time. You can rest easy knowing that you've done well in keeping your home safe with this model.

3.  504 Entryway Gun Concealment Bench

Maybe keeping your guns in a safe, either big or small, doesn't add to the style you have in your home. Consider a gun concealment bench like the 504 Entryway Gun Concealment Bench. It offers all the functionality of a normal bench but under the main seat is a secret lock compartment that you can store your guns and ammo in. This bench can hold up to 5 long funs and has a storage tray, which is capable of holding a couple pistols or ammo. Concealment benches are a perfect option for someone looking to properly and safely store their guns and ammo but don't want a big safe in their home.

4.  AFC Model 521 Wood End Table/ Night Stand with one drawer and one concealed pistol drawer

Keeping your gun in your nightstand can make you feel safe if you hear a bump in the night. The ability to easily access your weapon for protection from any potential danger without running over to the safe and punching in the code can make some people sleep better at night. This end table is perfect for those people. The end table features a main drawer that is accompanied by a non-locking concealed drawer, both lined with felt to keep contents safe and to reduce any noise when accessing contents. This concealment night stand can be used in any room of the house as an end table as well.

5.  611 10 Gun/Curio Slider Cabinet Combination

Looking to add an inconspicuous place to store your guns in your living or dining room? This curio concealment cabinet may be a good option for you. Store collectibles in the cabinet while you store your guns in the sliding storage compartment in the back. It's perfect for storing long guns and has a locking cabinet door at the bottom to keep all your ammo and additional valuables. This option keeps your guns safe and adds a level of elegance to your home with the curio cabinet design.

6.  841 - Horizontal Gun Display

Sometimes going for a less subtle way to store your gun can add to the atmosphere of any home. A locking display case like the Horizontal Gun Display can show off your gun while keeping it locked behind a solid wood frame and tempered glass. Adjustable felt lined gun supports makes it easy to adjust the display cabinet to fit your gun perfectly. This is a great option for someone wanting to show off a gun handed down from generation to generation or to show off a newly acquired antique while keeping it safe.

7.  Field Armory Gun Transport Cabinet

Anyone going out to go target shooting or hunting will appreciate having the Field Armory Gun Transport Cabinet. It can hold up to 5 long guns and is perfect for storing in your home, garage and vehicle. Easily pick up the cabinet, load it in your truck, tie it down with hook and loop straps and hit the road with ease of mind knowing your guns are stored safely during transport. An additional drawer provides a place to put all your ammo, clay pigeons and other gear. If you have a truck packed full with your family and their guns, the Field Armory Gun Transport Cabinet is the perfect option to store your guns safely and keep your family safe during transport as well.

We've taken a look at a few different items designed specifically to keep your guns and family safe. Everyone has different needs and wants when it comes to style and accessibility but we can all agree that we want to safely store our guns and be responsible gun owners. American Furniture Classics has additional storage and concealment options for you to explore by clicking the link below.

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