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About American Furniture Classics

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American Furniture Classics was founded in 2006 by long time furniture veteran Jim Dawson. Our initial product offering was solid wood, glass door gun display cabinets. These items were quickly followed by our patented GunFather Clock. This was our first foray into the gun concealment business as this item is capable of concealing a total of five long guns inside the clock tower. From there we branched out into metal gun security cabinets and safes. One of our first efforts was to create a ready to assemble metal security cabinet. We believe this was the first of it’s kind. All of these items remain in our assortment today. In approximately 2009 we began offering solid wood youth bedroom items and lodge style upholstery which is manufactured in the United States. In 2012 Mr. Dawson sold the company to Outdoor Leisure Products, Inc. 

At that time we rapidly expanded our gun concealment offering into a variety of fabric covered and solid wood gun concealment ottomans. All of these benches are locking and conceal up to five long guns under a hidden trap door. Later we moved into other types of home furnishings. Our OS Home and Office Furniture division offers quite a wide variety of items. These include home office case goods, office chairs, kitchen and bath storage furniture among others.  

At this point American Furniture Classics has almost 500 items available for sale through our website and those of our retail partners. We stand behind every product we sell and maintain a robust consumer service network based here in Webb City, Missouri. These professionals are available to help you with any issues that might arise from your purchase. We have available replacement parts for almost every item and stand ready to help you in the event you have any issue with our product. Please feel free to contact us at 800 673 9000 or