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Small Bathroom Remedies

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Small bathrooms are a part of nearly every household in America and they all have the same issue. Storage. There is a place to put a hand towel for guests but not a place to put every other bathroom necessity. A Pedestal sink can make the room feel bigger but at the cost of storage and sometimes that just is not a reasonable solution for you and your family. We offer a few different storage solutions that are perfect for utilizing the space in your bathroom to its fullest extent.

We've outlined 5 of our favorite bathroom storage items below

1. OS Home and Office Furniture Bathroom Space Saver over toilet Storage Cabinet with two Doors

Over the toilet storage units can be perfect if there is not any open wall space in your bathroom. They fit right over your toilet and provide extra space for storing whatever you may need in your bathroom. The best part is that these over the toilet storage options typically occupy dead space in your bathroom so it's not likely that you will have to sacrifice a whole lot to have this storage option in your bathroom This easy to assemble white over the toilet storage cabinet also has a shelf where you can decorate or use as storage space. 

2. OS Home and Office Furniture Bathroom Vanity Cabinet with Resin Basin OR

3. OS Home and Office Furniture Model 3438 Space Saving Bathroom Vanity

We also offer a couple of different vanity options that have ample storage beneath them and offer a counter top to place everyday items on, an option most pedestal sinks lack. Adding a vanity can transform the way a bathroom looks and provide the storage needed. 

Option number 2. is the bigger of the two vanities that we offer is has two white cabinet doors with stainless steel hardware that is sure to make any bathroom renovation look clean and crisp.

Option number 3. has a dark finish with a white vanity top and a single cabinet door. This option is also a bit smaller so it may be the better option depending on the size and space of the bathroom that you are looking to renovate or update.

Both options come with easy to assemble instructions to make you bathroom vanity come together with ease.

4. OS Home and Office Furniture Space Saving Storage Cabinet with One Drawer and One Door

5. OS Home and Office Furniture Vertical Storage Cabinet with two Doors

Much like the vanities American Furniture Classics offers two different white stand-alone bathroom storage cabinets. 

Option number 4. is the shorter of the two stand-alone storage cabinet options. It comes with a drawer and a single cabinet at the bottom. It is a perfect storage cabinet if you have some open space available in your bathroom as you can store items in multiple places for guests to use while they stay or for your everyday use yourself.

Option number 5. is a much taller storage cabinet that has a cabinet door at the bottom and at the top. Between the two cabinet doors is a small space that can be used to store towels or other bathroom essentials. This cabinet is perfect if you are looking to store quite a few items and have open space in your bathroom for it. It comes with 5 shelves, of which, 3 are adjustable for your needs.

What ever your need, small bathrooms will always require some creative thinking to make sure that you have all the storage that you need. Take a look at all of our bathroom storage options with the link below or click on a product above to see the full details of each.

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